BOSCH Fire Alarm Smoke Heat Detector

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FCH-T320 Conventional Thermal Heat Detector (Include Base Detector)
FCP-O320 Conventional Optical Smoke Detector (Include Base Detector)
FCP-OT320 Conventional Optical Smoke Thermal Heat Detector (Include Base Detector)

Evaluation electronics for highly reliable detection
Automatic threshold adjustment (drift compensation) for pollution soiling of the optical sensor
Mechanical lock to prevent removal/theft (can be activated and deactivated)
Dust-proof labyrinth and cap design
All detectors have a “chamber-maid plug” at the bottom

Operating voltage 8.5 V DC to 30 V DC
Current consumption < 0.12 mA
Alarm output Increase in current (alarm resistance 820 Ωor 470 Ω)
Indicator output Open collector connects 0 V in the event of an alarm over 3.92 kΩ
Individual display LED red
Without base Ø 99.5 x 52 mm
With base Ø 120 x 63.5 mm
Housing material Plastic, ABS
Housing color White, similar to RAL 9010, matt finish
Weight Without / with packaging
FCP-OC320 Approx. 85 g / approx 130 g
FCP-OT320 / FCP-O320 / FCH-T320 / FCH-T320-FSA Approx. 80 g / approx. 120 g
Protection class as per EN 60529 IP 40, IP 43 with detector base with damp room seal
Permissible relative humidity 95% (non-condensing)

Telp: 081514236699 - 081283225599

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