BOSCH Combustible Gas Detector

bosch combustible gas detector

BOSCH D382 Combustible Gas Detector (Macurco GD-2A)

12 VDC/VAC or 24 VDC/VAC operation
Self-purging semiconductor sensor requires no maintenance or recalibration
SPDT (Form C) alarm Relay and SPST (Form A) trouble relay designed for seamless connection to control panels or other devices
Installer selectable self-restoring or latching functionality
Red and Green LED status indicators.

BOSCH D382 Combustible Gas Detector (Macurco GD-2A) detects the presence of combustible gases such as propane and natural gas (methane). It is rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to alarm below 25% of the lower explosion level (LEL) of propane or methane.
Use in non-hazardous locations such as residences, retail stores, office buildings, and institutional buildings. It is usually installed in rooms where gas appliances are located or in rooms that are susceptible to gas seepage.

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