BOSCH Smoke Heat Detector

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FCH-T320 Conventional Thermal Heat Detector (Include Base Detector w/ Relay)
FCP-O320 Conventional Optical Smoke Detector (Include Base Detector w/ Relay)
FCP-OT320 Conventional Optical Smoke Thermal Heat Detector (Include Base Detector w/ Relay)

Evaluation electronics for highly reliable detection
Automatic threshold adjustment (drift compensation) for pollution soiling of the optical sensor
Mechanical lock to prevent removal/theft (can be activated and deactivated)
Dust-proof labyrinth and cap design
All detectors have a “chamber-maid plug” at the bottom

Operating voltage 8.5 V DC to 30 V DC
Current consumption < 0.12 mA
Alarm output Increase in current (alarm resistance 820 Ωor 470 Ω)
Indicator output Open collector connects 0 V in the event of an alarm over 3.92 kΩ
Individual display LED red
Without base Ø 99.5 x 52 mm
With base Ø 120 x 63.5 mm
Housing material Plastic, ABS
Housing color White, similar to RAL 9010, matt finish
Weight Without / with packaging
FCP-OC320 Approx. 85 g / approx 130 g
FCP-OT320 / FCP-O320 / FCH-T320 / FCH-T320-FSA Approx. 80 g / approx. 120 g
Protection class as per EN 60529 IP 40, IP 43 with detector base with damp room seal
Permissible relative humidity 95% (non-condensing)

Telp: 081514236699 - 081283225599

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