BOSCH Door controller Wiegand Extension API-AMC2-4WE

BOSCH Door controller Wiegand Extension API-AMC2-4WE Harga (SRP) Rp32.696.000,-

The extension module AMC2 4W-EXT is equipped with fourWiegand type reader-interfaces plus eight inputs and eightoutputs. Hence with the AMC2 4W-EXT it is possible todouble the number of readers on an AMC2 4W from 4 to 8.The AMC2 4W-EXT can not be deployed as an independentcontroller but only as an extension module for the AMC24W. Control and access decisions and bookings are carriedout by the AMC2 4W alone.The AMC2 4W can be extended by a maximum of oneAMC2 4W-EXT plus a maximum of three I/O extensionmodules. The I/O extension modules AMC2 8I-8O-EXT,AMC2 16I-16O-EXT, or AMC2 16I-EXT (in any combination)are, like the AMC2 4W-EXT, connected via the AMC2 4W’sextension interface (RS485). As the extension modulescontain neither memory nor display they are controlled andmonitored entirely by the AMC2 4W.

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