DVR Standalone 8ch H.264 Networking HD-DVR-1008

Honeywell HD-DVR-1008, Utk MEREKAM & MENAMPILKAN s/d 8 cctv camera sekaligus.
Menggunakan Harddisk sbg media penyimpan data.
Honeywell 8-channel digital video recording solution, HD-DVR-1008 is an easy-to-use mobile access enabled DVR. It deploys a high definition H.264 video codec, and supports D1 resolution real-time recording at the first channel. This high quality video surveillance product features live view, record, search and can transmit up to 8 channels of analog video sources and audio input respectively, in different areas at the facility.

HD-DVR-1008 Features
• Support TV, VGA and HDMI output simultaneously
• 8 channel video recording continuously for one month
• All 8 channels support CIF resolution recording, first channel supports D1 resolution recording
• Support cross network video image live view, configuration, searching and PTZ control
• Mobile surveillance software available for remote access easily anywhere
• Alarm activation supports triggered recording, short message
• Web access ease-of-use operation
• Smart video detection: motion detection, camera blank, video loss
• PTZ control: Multi-protocol supported (Honeywell Diamond and ScanDome, Pelco D/P)
• Record schedule: Continue / Motion Detection
• Record framerate (PAL 1-25 f/s per Channel) (NTSC 1-30 f/s per Channel)
• Video Compression format: H.264
• Real Time in Display and Record
• Tersedia 8 Input, 1 Output utk merekam Audio/Suara
• Support for LAN and Networking
• Mobile Enabled Digital Video Recorder
• Support Network and Remote Recording BackUp
• Back Up data via USB maupun Port LAN
• Dilengkapi IR Remote Control
• USB Port for Mouse Controller
• Harga belum termasuk Harddisk.
• Warranty 1 year
• Jalur Video berkonektor BNC !


TRONIKA cctv camera security system
Telp: (021) 68562273 - 99336599 - 29071429
Fax: (021) 29071429 SMS: 0815 1423 6699

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Specification DVR Standalone HD-DVR-1008
Video Compression Format H.264
Video Input: 8ch Composit video input BNC
Video Output: Composit video signal output BNC, VGA output, HDMI output
Video Recording: Real Time Mode: PAL 1-25f/s & NTSC 1-30f/s per channel
Video Resolution: Real Time Monitor: D1 704x576/704x480
1-ch: D1 704x576/704x480, CIF 352x288/352x240, QCIF 176x144/176x120
other-ch: CIF 352x288/352x240, QCIF 176x144/176x120
Video Image Quality: 6 Level Image Quality (Adjustable)
Video Configuration: Hue, brightness, contrst, saturation and gain setup
Audio Input: 8ch BNC. Audio Output: 1ch BNC.
Harddisk 1 built-in SATA port. Support 1 HDD
Recording mode: Manual, Motion Detection, Schedule, Alarm recording
Record Overwrite: when harddsik is full, system can overwrite previous video file
Playback mode: various fast play, slow play speeds, manual frame by frame playback
Backup Mode: HDD backup, USB backup and Network download backup
Network Function: View video remotely, DVR configuration, file download
Motion Detect and alarm: Various sensitivity levels
Dimensions (mm) 375mm (W) × 48mm (H) × 285mm (D)
Key Lock Yes
IR Transmitter (Remote Control) YES
USB Mouse Control YES
PTZ Control YES
Mobile Enabled Digital Video Recorder
* The specification is subject to change without notice.


Cara pemasangan Harddisk pada DVR Standalone

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