HID Access Control Wiegand Module AW2 Expansion Unit

HID AW2 Expansion Unit Harga (SRP) Rp4.060.560,-/unit.

The basic system panel ACW2-XN has capacity for 2 (two) doors / 1000 users. It can be easily extended to accommodate up to 8 (eight) doors with additional module AW2 Expansion Unit (sold separately) and door also readers (sold separately). The system automatically recognizes the additional equipment and the built-in wizards that will help guide you through the configuration process. This results in a significantly lower cost of ownership and minimal disruption to the business.

The wiegand module of expansion of two AW2 readers, provides support for two additional doors. Up to three modules can be added to the base system for a maximum of up to eight doors.
The AW2 expansion modules are plug and play, which facilitates their incorporation into the system.
Due to its capacity for expansion, ACW2-XN is ideal for offices, stores, small hotels and establishments such as pensions, factories, and much more.

escription : AW2 EXpansion Unit Wiegand Module

Comunication Interface
TCP/IP (10/100) : N
RS485 : N

Reader Interface
Wiegand in : 2
12 VDC Out : 2

TTL Input (REX) : 2
Supervised Inputs (DPS) : 2
Relay : 2

Environmental Specifications
Operation Temperature : -13 to +140 F
Storage Temperature : -400 to +1760 F
Operating Humidity : 0% to 75 %
Environmental rating : N/A

Input Voltage : 12 to 15 VDC
Power Requirements : Current 37mA Power : 0.44W
Power Input Protection : Reverse Polarity Protections. Over-current Protection

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (D/W/H) : 16.15 cm x 7.1 cm x 3.6 cm

Panel Main Unit ACW2-XN dapat langsung digunakan untuk mengakses 2 pintu.
Jika kebutuhan lebih dari 2 pintu, dapat membeli secara terpisah Module Expansion Unit ( AW2 Expansion Unit ).

*Sebuah Module Expansion Unit, dapat mengakses 2 pintu.
Jadi dengan tambahan 1 buah Module AW2 Expansion Unit, dapat digunakan untuk mengakses total 4 pintu.

Dengan tambahan 2 buah Module AW2 Expansion Unit, dapat digunakan untuk mengakses total 6 pintu.
Dengan tambahan 3 buah Module AW2 Expansion Unit, dapat digunakan untuk mengakses total 8 pintu.
*(Panel ACW2-XN hanya dapat ditambah maksimum 3 buah AW2 Expansion Unit saja, jadi total maksimum hanya bisa 8 pintu)

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