HONEYWELL Access Control Mifare Reader Jakarta Indonesia

HONEYWELL Access Control Mifare Reader - 1-Jul-19
Control Panel IP-AK2  IP-AK2 CONTROL PANEL BOARD ONLY             4,846,400
Control Panel IP-AK2ENC  IP-AK2 SINGLE PANEL ENCLOSURE             3,643,200
Control Panel IPAK2+ENC (COMBO) IP-AK2 Control Panel Board  + SINGLE PANEL ENCLOSURE             8,489,600
Winpak Controller PRO3000  PRO3000 2 DOOR CONTROL PANEL           10,944,800
Winpak Controller PRO32IC  PRO3200 INTELL CONTROLLER W/IP           26,551,200
Winpak Controller PRO22R1  ACU SNGL SNGL RDR MODULE           14,336,800
Winpak Controller PRO32R2  PRO32 DUAL READER MODULE           14,553,600
Winpak Controller PRO32IN  PRO3200 16 INPUT MODULE           14,487,200
Winpak Controller PRO32OUT  PRO3200 16 OUTPUT MODULE           17,528,000
Winpak Controller PRO32E1PS  ACCESS PSU ASSEMBLY 4A FOR PRO2200 SYS           12,097,600
Winpak Controller PRO22DCC  CABLE DATA DAISY CHAIN CBL             4,645,600
Winpak Controller PRO22EN  ACU ACCY ETHERNET TCP/IP COMMUN           15,188,800
Winpak Controller PRO22ENC1  ACU ACCY 8 MODULE WALL ENCL             5,497,600
Winpak Controller PRO22ENC2  ACU ACCY 8 MODULE RACK ENCL             5,848,800
Winpak Controller PRO22ENC3/220  TILE-MOUNT ENCLOUSURE. BATTERY INCLUDED.           12,632,800
Winpak Software WPS47  WIN-PAK SE 4.7 - SOFTWARE AC/VIDEO/INTRU           28,740,000
Winpak Software WPP47  WIN-PAK Professional Edition - Software           79,687,200
Standalone Reader HON-BIO-1000TA  STANDALONE BIOMETRIC T&A READER             2,707,200
EM Reader CA-EI-C  Standard EM ID card,Honeywell Vista logo                  15,200
EM Reader CA-EI-R10  EM ID card RDR,black bezel.26bit Wiegand             1,186,400
EM Reader CA-EI-R86K  EM ID card Keypad reader.             1,554,400
Mifare Reader MF-01  STANDARD ISO MIFARE CARD                  84,000
Mifare Reader CA-MA-R10  Mifare Reader,Black Bezel,26 bit Wiegand             2,039,200
Mifare Reader CA-MA-R86  MIFARE READER ISO14443A             1,972,000
Mifare Reader CA-MA-R86K  Mifare Keypad Reader(ISO 14443 Type A).             2,540,000
Mifare Reader CA-MS-R10  Mifare sectory reader, Black bezel             2,540,000
Mifare Reader CA-MS-R86K  MIFARE. SECTOR READER;BS(STD86)             2,974,400
Mifare Reader CA-FP-100FIC  Mifare Fingerprint storage: 3,000           15,695,200
EM Reader JT-MCR30-ID  EM rdr Read range 2"3" 26bit CSN Wiegand             2,590,400
EM Reader JT-MCR45-ID  26BIT CSN HON EM RDR 3.5X3.5X0.8"(LXWXD)             1,888,800
EM Reader JT-MCR55-ID  HW EM RDR; 26 BIT WIEGAND O/P_KEYPAD ~ d/h CA-EI-R86K             3,425,600
Mifare Reader JT-MCR30-32  HONEYWELL LOGO MIFARE READER (ISO 14443             3,459,200
Mifare Reader JT-MCR45-32  HONEYWELL LOGO MIFARE READER             3,626,400
Mifare Reader JT-MCR55-32  SMART CARD READER WITH KEYPAD ~ d/h CA-MA-R86K             4,127,200
HID iClass OM30BHOND  READER HID ICLASS OMNICLASS OM30             2,633,600
Accessories JT-ENC1P  SINGLE PANEL ENCLOSURE FOR IPAK2/PRO3000             2,239,200
Accessories JT-PWDUEL  POWER SUPPLY-110V/220V IP-AK2 & PRO3000             1,203,200
Accessories PB41  S/S PUSH-BUTTON W/RED PTE LRG FACE PLATE                752,000
Accessories D-110  EGB (EMERGENCY GREEN)                604,000
Accessories PB2  PANIC BUTTON                103,200


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