Inverter DC-AC LS-300W-20A Solar Charger

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Inverter 12V to 220V DC AC LS-300W-20A Solar Charger
Inverter 24V to 220V DC AC LS-300W-20A Solar Charger

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Intelligent Microcontroller Solar Inverter LS-300W 20A Solar Charger, Modified Sine Wave.

Specification LS-300W
Output Power Continuous Power 300W | Surge power 900W
Standby Current DC 12V <0.4A | DC 24V <0.3A
Input Voltage DC 12V: 10V~15V | DC 24V: 20V~30V
Output Voltage AC 100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Output Waveform Modified Sine Wave
Efficiency > 85%
Output Frequency 50Hz, 55Hz, 60Hz Crystal Controlled
Cooling Auto Operation Fan
Output Short Output Short Circuit Protection
Low Battery < 10.5V or 21.5V ± 0.5V Pre Alarm
  < 9.5V or 20V ± 0.5V Shut Down & Alarm
Over Heating > 60°C Pre Alarm | > 65°C Shut Down & Alarm
Over Load > 100°C  Pre Alarm | > 110°C Shut Down & Alarm
Batt Polarity Reverse By Fuse
Solar Controller  
Stanby <30mA
Output 20A
Max Solar Array Volet 50V
Max Solar Array Current 20A
Charge State PWM --> Float
Max Load Current 20A
Low Volt Protection 10 +/-0.5V   20+/-1V
Over Load Protection YES 120% of Rate Current
Dimention (L*W*H) 200 *173 *65mm

• Warranty 1 year

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