Zestron CCTV System presents the market with premium-quality CCTV System products that are not only of the latest technology, but also offered at an affordable price. We offer a broad range of products to meet customers' needs of different security levels and project scale. Our brand's products include CCTV Cameras, Video Recorders and Peripheral Accessories. Zestron CCTV System, products have been widely used in residential and commercial facilities throughout Indonesia, and are available at your local electronic security stores.

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Zestron IR Dome AHD Camera ZDA101F

Zestron IR Dome AHD Camera ZDA101F (1MP) 4 in 1

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Zestron Weatherproof AHD Camera ZOA101F

Zestron Weatherproof AHD Camera ZOA101F (1MP) 4 in 1

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Zestron DVR 4 channel ZHA524

Zestron DVR Standalone 4 channel ZHA524

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Zestron DVR 8 channel ZHA528

Zestron DVR Standalone 8 channel ZHA528

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Zestron DVR 16 channel ZHA526

Zestron DVR Standalone 16 channel ZHA526

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Price List Harga Zestron CCTV IP Camera Jakarta Indonesia


Price List Tronikaonline.com - Zestron CCTV Camera Peripheral 08-Aug-18  
Nama Produk Harga (Rp) Berat
CCTV Camera:    
Dome ZDA1011F  (1mp)          816,000 0.5 Kg
Dome ZOA101F  (1mp)          918,000 1 Kg
Dome ZDA100  (1mp)       1,020,000 0.5 Kg
Dome ZOA100  (1mp)       1,122,000 1 Kg
Dome ZOA101  (1mp)       1,122,000 1 Kg
Dome ZDA201  (2mp)       1,326,000 0.5 Kg
Dome ZOA201  (2mp)       1,428,000 1 Kg
DVR Standalone:                    -    
DVR Standalone 4ch ZHA524       2,754,000 4 kg
DVR Standalone 8ch ZHA528       5,559,000 4 kg
DVR Standalone 16ch ZHA526     10,149,000 4 kg
IP Camera :    
Dome ZID30 (1mp)       1,479,000 1 Kg
Bullet ZIW30 (1mp)       1,581,000 1 Kg
Bullet ZNW151 (1mp)       2,040,000 2 Kg
Dome ZIP100-W wireless (1mp)       2,499,000 2 Kg
Dome ZID200 (2mp)       1,581,000 1 Kg
Bullet ZIW200 (2mp)       1,734,000 2 Kg
Bullet ZIW201 (2mp)       2,754,000 2 Kg
NVR :                    -    
NVR 32 channel ZNR532       8,606,000 5 kg
NVR 36 channel ZNR536       call 5 kg
Positioning Device / Rotator:    
Rotator Pan Tilt ZTP-641 + Controller       1,950,000 3 kg
Rotator Pan Tilt Outdoor ZTP-644 + Controller       2,870,000 6 Kg
Dash Cam / Road Cam / Car Video Recorder :    
Road Cam HD Camera ZMD20          990,000 1 kg
Adaptor :    
Adaptor PSW1210W          142,500 0.2 kg
*Harga tidak mengikat dan dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu    

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