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ALBOX Wireless Alarm Jakarta Indonesia

ALBOX Wireless Alarm Security System Door Magnetic Contact Motion Detection PIR Smoke Detector Sirene Strobe Light Control Panel Remote Vibration Sensor Flood Sensor Pendant Panic Button Dealer Garansi Resmi Jakarta Indonesia.
Barang tersedia paling cepat 1 hari setelah pelunasan kami terima - Harga Agustus 2018

ALBOX WIRELESS Alarm Jakarta Indonesia - - Agustus 2018
Model Description Rp
WCP880 868MHz, Wireless Control Panel Only, Compact PSTN, Voice 5,227,600
WCP881 868MHz, Wireless Control Panel Only, Compact PSTN/GPRS, Voice 8,374,100
WMC880 868MHz, Wireless Magnetic Contact Detector 954,100

WPI 880
+ PBR880
868MHz, Wireless PIR Detector
+ Bracket PBR880
WKF880 868MHz, Wireless KEYFOB 680,400
WPP880 868MHz, Wireless Pendant Panic 994,700
WSD880 868MHz, Wireless Smoke Detector 2,537,500
WVD880 868MHz, Wireless Vibration Snesor 1,218,000
WFD880 868MHz, Wireless Flood Sensor 1,319,500
WUT880 868MHz, Universal Transmitter 1,218,000
WOS880 868MHz, Supervised Outdoor Siren with Strobe Light (including Plug in TX and Transformer, Red) 4,821,600
WRP880 868MHz, Wireless Repeater 2,690,100
WRP880-KP Keypad for 868MHz Wireless Repeater 2,588,600
WRP880-PSW Adapter 230/12VAC, 0.5A EUR, WHT
(for Repeater WRP 880)
B3612HAA 3.6V 1.2Ah, 1/2 AA (for PIR) 142,100
B7215AA 7.2V, 1.5Ah, AA (for Control Panel) 660,100
BCR1225 3.0V, CR1225 (for KEYFOB) 60,900


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