BOSCH B442 Plug-in Cellular Communicator GPRS

BOSCH B442 provides IP communication over a GSM (GPRS) cellular network by plugging into a B Series control panel or B450 Conettix Plug-in Communicator Interface. Typical applications are:
• Alarm reporting to a central station
• Remote control panel programming through Remote
Programming Software
• Remote monitoring and control through a mobile
• Personal notification using SMS
The B442 is built for a wide variety of secure commercial and industrial applications. Flexible end-to-end path supervision, 128-bit to 256-bit AES encryption, and anti-substitution features make B442 desirable for high security and fire monitoring applications.
Notice : Cellular capability requires an appropriate SIM card and data plan.

Telp: 081514236699 - 081283225599

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